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Our company generates revenue through the sale of duck eggs, ducklings, and adult ducks, which consistently provide a steady supply of new eggs. Additionally, we make profits through the breeding and sale of goats as well as resources.

Revenue Possibilities

Through Breeding

Investors participating in our goat program can expect a monthly return of approximately 3% of their investment.
At any point, there is an option to reinvest to extend the duration.

Through Projects

By funding various projects, the farm is enabled to experience continuous growth leading to higher profits.
After completing a project, the payout period begins. Over 36 months, 7% of the originally invested amount will be distributed monthly – these payouts occur daily.

Through Referral Link

Level 1: 7.5% - Level 2: 5.0% - Level 3: 2.5% on investment for projects.

Network is not mandatory.
You do not need to refer anyone to be successful with Ziegli.

Example Calculation

Goat Breeding

Suppose you invest €1000.00 (in crypto-currencies) in Zieglipower with an 3% return per month.

Return = Investment x Interest Rate
Return = €1000.00 x 0.03 = 30€

This means that after for example one year, you will have a total of 360.00€, which equals a daily turnover of approximately 1€. This turnover is paid out from day one.


Suppose you initially invest €10,000 (in crypto-currencies) in a farm project running for 36 months and offering a monthly payout of 7% paid daily.

Monthly payout = Investment x 7%
Monthly payout = €10,000 x 0.07 = €700

The daily amount from this monthly payout is:
Daily amount = Monthly payout / 30 days (assumed)
Daily amount = €700 / 30 = €23.33 per day

Over the 36 months, this accumulates to:
Total amount over 36 months = Monthly payout x 36 months
Total amount over 36 months = €700 x 36 = €25,200

Thus, over the 36-month period, you would receive a total of €25,200, which equates to a daily turnover of approximately €23.33.

The Projects

The company´s future plans encompass continuous growth, introducing new breeding programs, and expanding agricultural infrastructure.

The vision also includes developing new partnerships and expanding the farm, aiming to tap into additional revenue streams such as restaurants, bungalows, grocery stores, hair salons, massage parlors, and tourism, all of which can be paid for with Zieglipower, for instance, for a holiday stay.

Already realized projects include a self-sufficient well with solar energy, a converted livestock and feed transporter, and a spacious duck house. Currently in progress is the acquisition of land and the construction of the planned restaurant.

Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Project 5

The Farm

Ziegli places great emphasis on ethical animal welfare, creating an environment that promotes natural animal behavior. Their focus lies in species-appropriate breeding and high-quality products through personal care, high-quality nutrition, and living conditions.

Farm 1 Farm 2 Farm 3 Farm 4 Farm 5 Farm 6

Founding and Mission Statement

In 2021, Ziegli was founded and has since been committed to sustainable agriculture. The core of our activities lies in breeding goats and ducks in Thailand, where we place a special emphasis on ethical animal welfare. We believe that sustainable business practices not only ensure long-term success but also reflect responsibility towards the environment and animals.

Our mission goes beyond mere profit maximization. We advocate for ethical principles and strive to build a community that shares our values. We invest not only in the quality of our breeding but also in supporting our employees and partners to ensure that every part of our supply chain meets the highest standards.

Ziegli aims to effect positive change in agriculture through innovative approaches and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Our vision is to bridge responsible entrepreneurship, environmental consciousness, and a passionate community committed to the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment.

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